Ancient and magestic, towering skyward over the vast forest of Cymrodel sits the centre of the Fae realm – Citadel. The Eldar dwell here in serene magesty watching dispassionately the workings of the world about them. It is their detatchment that inevitably becomes their undoing. Unaware, or remotely disinterested in the goings on of lesser races, the supposed omniscient Eldar are caught off guard by the sudden rise of a new, younger and more aggressive race. This new force on the world gives pause for thought amongst the Eldar.

In their wisdom they percieve a future that they do not like. Their answer is to withdraw from the world. As suddenly as they had come into existence, so does Citadel vanish from the world almost overnight. Those that are left behind unable or unwilling to retreat to Citadel scatter into the dense forest to eke out an existence and to remain Fae.

Cut off from their beloved Eldar, the stranded Fae discover quickly that their once immessurable lifespan had grown to be decidedly shorter. Still able to outlive the lesser races, the Fae have come to know death more frequently than they had ever dealt with in their entire existence. This new race; this creature of industry and war, has forged a bitter taste in the throat of Fae everywhere. They know this word and speak it harshly and with venom….



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